Windchill Part Usage Link

This is an IteratedUsageLink where a specific WTPart uses a WTPartMaster (actually it will use one of the WTParts associated with the WTPartMaster based on a config spec) and the part uses a specific Quantity (with unit of measure) of the part master as a component of its structure. WTParts can use other parts to build assemblies using the WTPartUsageLink. The WTPartUsageLink’s aggregated Quantity can be used to indicate the amount of the component that is being consumed.
Note that since the link is between a WTPart and a WTPartMaster it will be necessary to use a config spec (usually WTPartConfigSpec) to select the correct version of the WTPartMaster, which is a WTPart.
For example:
To build a car there are 4 tires for each car built. For a hammock there might be 2 end ropes that are three feet long.

Part_1 A.1 is dependent on Part_2 master object.

Even after new revision/iteration Part_1 B.1 is link to the Part_2 irrespective of Part_2 iteration number i.e. the parent object’s (Part_1) all iterations are always linked to the child’s (Part_2) latest iteration.

Model Diagram:


Class WTPartUsageLink
public class WTPartUsageLink
extends IteratedUsageLink
implements Externalizable
UI Navigations:
To see the part usage, navigate to parent part details page -> third level navigations -> Structure -> Product Structure table
API Navigations:
To get the usage parts, we need to navigate through this link table. The service APIs are available in WTPartService class.
The relevant methods are (Please refer JavaDoc for more details)
getUsedByWTParts(WTPartMaster partMaster)
         Navigates the WTPartUsageLink along the usedBy role, returning a QueryResult of WTParts.
getUsesWTPartMasters(WTPart part)
         Navigates the WTPartUsageLink along the uses role, returning a QueryResult of WTPartUsageLinks.
getUsesWTParts(WTList parts, ConfigSpec configSpec)
         Navigates from many used-by parts to their uses part masters and applies a ConfigSpec to select the iterations of the uses parts.

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