Windchill Stickiness in 10.x

In my recent post Windchill Stickiness I wrote about the Windchill Stickiness and how to clear in Windchill 9.1. Here we will discuss how to clear Windchill Stickiness in Windchill 10.x

How to reset Windchill Stickiness in 10.x?
  1. Navigate to http:////app/netmarkets/jsp/user/utilitiesList.jsp
  1. Click “Reset Server Stickiness”. It will ask the confirmation

  1. Click OK to clear server stickiness
  2. To remove all client stickiness, delete all your temporary internet files (usually in the Tools menu), close all browser windows, and restart the browser.

Soft Type – How to get type definition reference id

When we want to find the list of soft type objects and with the help of QuerySpec in Windchill, we need to use soft type’s type definition reference id in the QuerySpec condition.
Below code snippet will be useful in writing this QuerySpec

TypeDefinitionReference typeDefRef = TypedUtility.getTypeDefinitionReference("com.maheshmhetre.epmdoc.TestEPMDocument");
if (typeDefRef != null) {
qs.appendWhere(new SearchCondition(EPMDocument.class,

Here ‘com.maheshmhetre.epmdoc.TestEPMDocument’ is the Internal Name of the soft type. This value can be retrieved from soft type details from Type and Attribute Manager.