Soft Type – How to get type definition reference id

When we want to find the list of soft type objects and with the help of QuerySpec in Windchill, we need to use soft type’s type definition reference id in the QuerySpec condition.
Below code snippet will be useful in writing this QuerySpec

TypeDefinitionReference typeDefRef = TypedUtility.getTypeDefinitionReference("com.maheshmhetre.epmdoc.TestEPMDocument");
if (typeDefRef != null) {
qs.appendWhere(new SearchCondition(EPMDocument.class,

Here ‘com.maheshmhetre.epmdoc.TestEPMDocument’ is the Internal Name of the soft type. This value can be retrieved from soft type details from Type and Attribute Manager.

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Do you know how to get parts link classification full path from WTPart in WC M020 ?