Windchill OOTB Utility - "Which"

While working on Windchill customization, I came across a scenario where want know the class location but no idea where that class resides. I tried to find in eclipse as well but no luck as I can’t add all Windchill jars in the eclipse.
In this case I can use the Windchill OOTB utility “Which” to lookup the class/file path in the Windchill.
This utility lookups all the occurrences of the provided file in the classpath which includes the jars files as well.

This is a command line utility. The command is as below
windchill wt.util.jmx.Which

Utility usage:


Running the above command, we get a result says the class file present in /Windchill_9.1/Windchill/codebase/WEB-INF/lib/wncWeb.jar file.
If the same file present at multiple location, then we utility returns all possible locations of the file.


Constantine said...

Why can't you add all JARs in Eclipse?

Mahesh Mhetre said...

"Can't" may be the wrong word it should be "should not".
We can add all Windchill jars in eclipse project but this will make the project heavy and slow down the working env and most imp is it will take long to build the project.