Resolution – ‘The Blogging’.

Hello All,

After a long time I am back to this page, feeling good.

It may be New Year, Christmas, Diwali or any special occasion, almost everybody decides some good to do in the year which we called as a ‘Year Resolution’. Even I am not escaped from this :)

So on my this birthday I opt a resolution – ‘The Blogging’.

As I am PLM professional/consultant, I decided to go with one special blogging topic which is ‘PTC Windchill’. Along with this topic, will add blogs on Java and non-technical as well. While sharing my knowledge, this will really help me to improve my skills as well.

Your love and support will keep me motivated to blog more and more.

Let’s go …


Anonymous said...

hi I am end user of WC but wanted to go into customization side. Please tell what skills do I need to posses. Please tell me the learning roadmap. I am a mech engineer.

Mahesh Mhetre said...

To start on Windchill customization, please follow my different post

About the skill set, I will try write in new post.